Refuge City Chapter 1

Story Summary:

In a city gripped by crime and chaos, a giantess by the name Laura fights back to restore order. Supported and beloved by the city's innocent, and backed by the finest of officer's, Laura hopes to one day rid the city completely of its scum and villainy.  

One day, three armed and dangerous killers are sent to eliminate a few outspoken civilians for an evil commissioner. Before the killers can finish the job however, Laura manages to shield them from the bullets, before also taking out and capturing the killers. Once captured, the hired killers are taken into her custody and brought to a special prison of Laura’s own making. Here, they will be punished and reformed in a way Laura believes will get the best results. At the prison however, the three killers quickly find out that underneath Laura’s dignified and heroic appearance, lie’s a cruel and sadistically lust filled monster.  

Since the three killers have a previous history of murder, Laura decides they deserve a more “fitting” treatment and takes them into a room perfectly suited for their kind. It is in this room, that they will be subjugated to her every whim. Forced to entertain each and every twisted fantasy she has, whether they involve her pussy, asshole, or even her uterus. 

 While there, they learn of 2 others who had previously violated Laura’s rules, and thus have been constantly tortured. Their punishment bordering on the limits of disgusting and extreme, as they learn the consequences of their sins. The 3 getting the message very quickly. Later, they discover Laura to be quite excitable when torturing prisoners, her orgasm coming easily towards the cruel and humiliating acts against the tinies.



♥Inside-mouth scenes including Tongue jobs and saliva!

♥Internal Pussy shots!

♥Watch tinies desperately make love with her lewd holes!

♥Watch tinies forced to do many foul actions within her pussy, asshole, and even womb

♥shots of big smelly shit from inside her large intestine and excreted by her asshole!

♥A crowd of people forced to eat a shit hill!

♥Lots of violent acts towards the tiny criminals!

♥tons of disciplining the tinies in humiliating, nasty and erotic ways!

♥Trampled, squeezed, and pressed by tremendous, sweaty, hot, socked feet and bare feet!

♥Watching detailed acts of vore to a prisoner! Inside her gullet and stomach!

♥shots inside the giantess’s stinky shoe, with her foot shoved inside it!

Ebook Specifications:

26 pages

Size:1300x1850 pixels

PDF format


1. All the characters in the comic are 18+ years old.

2. The book contains adult contents mainly, so you must be at least 18 years old to purchase and read it.

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