Bizarre Troy

Spotlights: ♥ Watch as Goddess Vivian uses an entire army for her personal pleasure! ♥ See amazing perspectives of the Goddess' body, as seen by the ant-sized army attacking her! ♥ Will the army be able to overcome the power and pleasure of the amazing Goddess Vivian? ♥ Full of sweaty bare feet and juicy, dripping insertion from beginning to end! ♥ See Goddess Vivian completely dominate hundreds of thousands of soldiers with her body!

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Story Summary:

With the safety of their Princess Helen and the honor of their homeland called into question, vast legions of Grecian men headed to conquer the city of Troy. However they were met by an entirely unexpected challenge. Goddess Vivian acting under the orders of Athena to protect Troy and teach the Greek army a lesson! As they navigated through the confusing terrain, they soon learned that the looming objects aren't mountains or hills, but rather the titan-sized objects littered around the bedroom of a slumbering Goddess.

After he tried all his strength and willpower to succeed in the tremendous teasing, exhausted he will have to endure the grinding of her anus and crap... His blood dyes the crap and he's struggling super hard to survive from suffocating and hurting. She won't stop the playing until her orgasm happening.

However, this setback doesn't stop the soldiers! They take on the task of conquering the mighty goddess so they can get to Troy, whatever the cost may be! Pushing on and scaling the expansive terrain that was Goddess Vivian's bed, the men launched their attack against the first thing that they laid eyes upon: Goddess Vivian's massive looming soles!

As hard as they try, the soldier's attacks seem to be all together ineffective against the towering goddess. After failing to do little more than tickle her, the army was left to brace themselves against Goddess Vivan's first counter-attack; her sexual arousal! Going from gently slumbering at one moment to writhing with pleasure the next, Goddess Vivian subjected the insignificant troops to her own sexual desires!

Having been completely unaware of the teeny bug-like men scouring her body, Goddess Vivian responded in the only was she could, becoming more and more aroused from the movements of the puny soldiers over and inside of her body!

The Goddess' assaults on the pathetic army only became worse as she finally noticed the existence of the bug-sized soldiers, using them for her own pleasure. Sliding the ships inside of her aroused pussy to please herself while hundreds of soldiers looked on in a mixture of fear and arousal!

Some soldiers still attempted to fight against the titanic Goddess Vivian but it was a futile effort, as she continued to use the men in various ways. Demeaning them, treating them as toys meant for her pleasure. Their attacks still didn't do anything beyond tickling her and stimulating her sexually. But even their ability to please her was brought into question...

Suffering beneath Goddess Vivian's powerful and enticing lust, the soldiers simply can't help themselves! All of their urge to fight against the amazing goddess seems to disappear and be replaced with the urge to pleasure every inch of her with their tiny bodies, getting wrapped up in their own desires as they try to please her.

Driven mad with lust, the soldiers grind their bodies against the walls of the giantess' dripping pussy and rubbing over as much of her body as they can, especially her sweaty, thickly scented toes. But... They're just so very small! Will their feeble attempts be enough to please her...?

Ebook Specifications:

20 pages

Size:1300x1850 pixels

PDF format

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1. All the characters in the comic are 18+ years old.

2. The book contains adult contents mainly, so you must be at least 18 years old to purchase and read it.

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