Interplanetary Wrestling

Spotlights: ♥ Watch as the Earthlings venture deep inside of Meara's wet pussy! ♥ What kind of scheme do the Earthlings have in store? Find out! ♥ See mankind struggle to dominate their towering, masochistic opponent! ♥ Watch as Meara is wildly overcome with pleasure and lust!

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Story Summary:

Mankind had always thought it had been alone in the universe, or at the very least alone it in its own solar system. However, the arrival of giantess alien from Neptune proved just how wrong they were! Sadly for them, the outsiders weren't coming in peace, either. Their intentions were to conquer the planet earth and take it as their own! And with how vastly the Neptunian giantesses outsized them, it didn't seem like that would be quite a challenge.

With the fate of mankind hanging in the balance, it was decided before a galactic tribunal that the situation could only be settled in one way; With a tournament! Representatives from each side would fight for their respective planets, and whoever threw in the towel first would be declared the loser, leaving the other side to rule over all of Earth!

After some confrontation with the representatives of Earth earlier in the day, Meara decided to take her leave of her fellow Neptunian giantesses for a little private time, her mind fixated on one of the Earthlings in particular. The handsome captain by the name of Robbin. She was intent on using her private time to the fullest, taking the moment to indulge and pleasure herself to her heart’s content! She wasn’t aware, however, that there were two tournament inspectors in her room sent to check up on her before the match in the morning!

Once they were noticed, however, Meara did her best to tantalize them, revealing her true nature: That she secretly craved to be dominated and punished by the tiny buggish men! Trying to coax her new “masters” into dominating in any way possible, only to turn the tables on them when they refused to abuse her, pinning them under her fingers and soles. She was completely unaware, however, that the representatives of Earth had found their way into her room in order to venture forth on a little scheme of their own...

The day of the tournament came and everything looked like it was going to be perfect for the Neptunians. After all, their size gave them a clear advantage! But something was off. The leader of the Earthlings was no where in sight! They insisted he would be making his appearance shortly, and the match began with Meara in a clear lead. After all, they were all so small! The Earthlings only had one hope, to avoid her attacks until the time was right…

Just as things began to look hopeless for the poor puny Earthlings, their plan was revealed! To use Meara’s abundant sexuality against her! The leader of the Earthlings had been inside of her pussy the entire time, with a canister of a powerful aphrodisiac that he’d waited to unleash until just the right moment, sending the Neptunian giantess into a lusty frenzy! Would she be easier to conquer like this? Or would it make it into even more of a challenge?

With Meara utterly overwhelmed by her arousal, the representatives from Earth sprang into action! She was incapacitated by her own lust,making a spectacle for all of the stadium to see while the men climbed over her body and worked together to strip her of her clothing, making her moan with pleasure each time they punished her! They roped and secured her sensitive nipples, dominated her in any way that they could think of!

They seemed to be well on their way to victory! But given Meara’s well-known infatuation with the captain of the Earthlings, he had a different course of action in mind for the giantess. What plot does the valiant and brave Robbin have in mind for the situation? What sort or proposal will he suggest to Meara? And who will rule over all of Earth?

Ebook Specifications:

20 pages

Size:1300x1850 pixels

PDF format

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1. All the characters in the comic are 18+ years old.

2. The book contains adult contents mainly, so you must be at least 18 years old to purchase and read it.

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