Her Wicked Pleasure: Chapter 2

Spotlights: ♥ The tiny dude is entirely submissive to death... ♥ Suffering violence inside vagina and around cervix! ♥ Come close to getting crushed. Play victim to her perverted games! ♥ Miscellaneous body juicies and foul smells with serious injuiries added one by one! ♥ Your very existence is pushed to the limits for a Giantess' ruthless plesure! ♥ Will you be able to support her wicked pleasure or fail and get brutalized?

Story Summary:

In this sadistically satisfying sequel to Her Wicked Pleasure Chapter 1... The boy's pushed to crash onto his girlfriend's mouth and inserted deep into her pussy, the whole way up to her cervix numerous times until he finally faints. The girl uses a secret way to heal her boyfriend's injuries, and she transferred his mind to the clone of him. The boy will be comatose and the clone will be his replacement of being tortured. The clone gets better toughness and tissue regeneration capacity, so the girl harms him much more outrageously and recklessly. Since she thinks the clone is artificial, he's not considered equal to a human. She kicks him as kicking a ball, and she tramples him as if she was pounding garlic into pulp. After a long time of pounding, the clone is forced to stick himself into the girl's asshole by standing straight and sustaining her falling weight.

After he tried all his strength and willpower to succeed in the tremendous teasing, exhausted he will have to endure the grinding of her anus and crap... His blood dyes the crap and he's struggling super hard to survive from suffocating and hurting. She won't stop the playing until her orgasm happening.

When he's pulled out and washed clean, the most fierce lethal-boobs' crushing is awaiting for him. After this wave's over, the clone's body is truly ragged... However, some more inhuman torments have just begun.

Ebook Specifications:

17 pages

Size:1300x1850 pixels

PDF format

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1. All the characters in the comic are 18+ years old.

2. The book contains adult contents mainly, so you must be at least 18 years old to purchase and read it.

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