The Siren Vs. The Savage Wolfmen: Chapter 2

Spotlights: •Highly detailed insertion comic with xray vision! • Get squeezed against the womb with massive fingers! • Get squeezed against the womb with a whole fist! • Succumb to being swallowed while cuffed and chained! • Stir, suffocate, and dissolve in the gastric juices!

Story Summary:

The long-awaited sequel to "The Siren VS. The Savage Wolfmen: Chapter 2" is finally here! When we last left off, the colossal, blue-haired siren known as Sarah brought the members of the evil Lupus Sect to justice. She had them transferred to her private quarters for life, where the intent was to have them learn the error of their ways. However, now she has a chance to satisfy her own nasty desires - and she's forcing the wolfmen to do it!

Sarah will show little mercy to these guys as they attempt to meet her sexual needs. They'll have to deal with the physical challenges that come with the immense size difference, as well as perhaps an old grudge or two re-emerging under the stress of it all. Every part of the seductive siren's body is fair game - whether it be her boobs, her mouth, her gaping, hairy pussy, or her stomach! The Lupus Sect has its work cut out for it this time!

Can these former felons work together to help their master achieve the ultimate orgasm? Find out in the latest chapter of "The Siren VS. The Savage Wolfmen", available now!

Ebook Specifications:

26 pages

Size:1300x1850 pixels

PDF format

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1. All the characters in the comic are 18+ years old.

2. The book contains adult contents mainly, so you must be at least 18 years old to purchase and read it.

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